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Trackman Golf Radar Launch Monitor

What is TrackMan?

It is a radar measuring device that is capable of tracking any golf shot with accuracy of 1 foot in every 100 yards.


Designed by Danish engineers using the same radar technogy associated with tracking missiles, it is the only radar in the golf industry capable of tracking the entire ball flight.


This incredible piece of equipment is to golf what the MRI scanner is to medicine. Using TrackMan in your golf lessons and practice means you have real time data on every golf shot. No need to guess what happened.


TrackMan Combine Test

TrackMan Combine is a standardized test that enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. Discover the clear correlation between your TrackMan Combine results and your success on the golf course.


During the test you will hit shots at 10 different target lengths:

60y, 70y, 80y, 90y, 100y, 120y, 140y, 160y, 180y, Driver.


You will be scored based on where your ball lands relative to target. The closer to target you land, the more points you score.


Compare your score against the best players in the world at

Start Using TrackMan

Golf Lessons

from £45 per hour

Ben Kerr is a Level 2 Certified TrackMan Professional. All golf lesson information and prices can be found here.


TrackMan Yardage Session

£40 per session

Learn how far you REALLY hit every club in your bag.

You will leave this session with a full email report showing your average CARRY & TOTAL distances with every club.

Crucial information for scoring better.


Combine Test

£40 per test

Benchmark your golf game against the worlds best players and your peers with a 'one off' combine test, or use the five test package to monitor your golf game throughout the year.


TrackMan Practice Time

£30 per hour

Including practice balls

Take advantage of the instant feedback that TrackMan offers to make better use of your practice time. Work hard to make feel and real the same thing in your golf swing.

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